Dunster Music Week Quiz 2012

Here’s a little music quiz I produced for my Music Holiday this year. It should be fairly self-explanatory.

A printable version can be obtained here.

The solution is available on a separate page in the Vault section of the blog. You’ll need a password, which is the surname of the No.9 batsman in the Buskers team! If you don’t have that answer, and still need the solution, email me at


A group of composers in Heaven got together to hold a cricket match. Below is the scorecard, but unfortunately Stravinsky got hold of it and removed some of the details, replacing them with clues to the missing information. Can you fill in all the gaps, and work out what the final score was?


1.  L.van BEETHOVEN      Pastoral x Choral                                                         _____

2.  F.J.HAYDN                  Symphony in C Major “____________________” No…        48

3.  M.TIPPETT                  How many symphonies did he write?                             _____

4.  _______________       Piano Concerto No.1 in D Minor Op……                             15

5.  G.MAHLER                 Resurrection x ‘Unfinished’                                            _____

6.  G.F.HANDEL              How many Op.6 Concerti Grossi are there?                     _____

7.  _______________       Symphony in D Minor No….                                               0

8.  G.HOLST                   How many planets are depicted in the Planets Suite?       _____

9.  B.SMETANA              How many Widows in the title of his opera?                      _____

10.H.BRIAN                    “Gothic” Symphony, No….                                              _____

11. _______________      wrote a work called The….                                                12

Extras                                                                                                                    9

                                                                     TOTAL (for 9 wkts)                        _____


1.  F.MENDELSSOHN     Italian x Reformation                                                       _____

2.  _______________      “Pastoral” Symphony, No….                                                3

3.  P.TCHAIKOVSKY       1812 Overture Op….                                                       _____

4.  J.SIBELIUS                How many symphonies did he write?                               _____

5.  _______________       Tahiti Trot: Tea for….                                                          2

6.  R.SCHUMANN           Symphony in E Flat “The _____________”, No….                 3

7.  J.S.BACH      How many Preludes and Fugues in the Well-tempered Clavier?      _____

8.  C.NIELSEN                Espansiva + Inextinguishable                                          _____

9.  _______________      “Classical Symphony in D, No….                                         1

10. A.DVORAK               How many Slavonic Dances did he write?                         _____

11. W.A.MOZART            Prague – Paris                                                               _____

Extras                                                                                                                   12

                                                                     TOTAL (for 9 wkts)                         _____

RESULT:  ___________________  WON BY _______________      


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