Dunster Music Week Cryptic Crossword 2012

Seems I’ve started a tradition, and created another crossword for those lucky enough to get down to Dunster Music Week this year. Although some of the answers are relevant to the holiday, no knowledge of the repertoire or geography there is necessary.

If you want a printable version to complete away from your computer, click here.

Rather than make you ask for the solution by email, I’ve put up the solution on a separate page in the Vault section of this blog. The password to access it is the answer to 21 down! (If you need the solution but 21 down is one you’re stuck on, email me at the usual address:

1  Composer provides complete support for King. (6)
4  With sinuous trace, particle is depicted by Haydn. (8)
8  Singers Frankie and Andy collaborated and wrote nine symphonies. (7,8)
10  Pianist begins Liszt’s ‘Unstern’; pageturner unprepared. (4)
11  In most theatres, it’s grand. (4)
12  Darius put him on the roof. (5)
14  Full of rum, Ali busked. (6)
17  Form of discrimination Emilia Marty might particularly suffer. (6)
19  Original manuscript 1ac endlessly worked around double-sharp. (6)
20  Brass instrument’s logo, we hear. (6)
22  Ring transport. (5)
24  Flanders and Swann have sung about them. (4)
25  Work for seven instruments loses record – let it stand. (4)
28  Crazy Mary left tuba out of verismo opera. (6,9)
30  Sonorous tones ran riot. (8)
31  A full set of Christmas partridges. (6)

1  King returned around five – he brought us Shéhérazade et al. (5)
2  Musician playing fanfare more faithfully when politician (and French) come in. (9)
3  Authentic alien captures William Tell, for example. (4)
4  Heard in Mahler symphonies and Alpine farms. (7)
5  Sweelinck composition includes fish. (3)
6  One picture of Debussy. (5)
7  Ethnic instrument not to be sniffed at – quite the opposite! (4,5)
9  One of 31 allotted to a Handel oratorio hero. (6)
11  Who’s ‘opera’ is this? (5)
13  Arrived dead? No, just not in time for curtain-up. (9)
15  Illuminations make weight aboard vehicle. (5)
16  Melusine thus described by Mendelssohn. (9)
18  Rush off with Head of Education making unmusical noise. (6)
21  Meal for a spider, according to Roussel. (7)
23  Cape Town medic returns to present conclusions. (5)
26  Herb used by 1ac in choral setting. (5)
27  Being the entire libretto of Rossini’s duet. (4)
29  Range of just three notes. (3)


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