Dunster Music Week Cryptic Crossword 2011

Unable to attend my usual music holiday this year, I knocked up a cryptic crossword to send to the lucky folk staying in Dunster. A couple of the clues are holiday-based, but if you get enough of the other clues, you should be able to do them. So here it is: solution on request to

1   Later on, they mark rearranged place to stay in Dunster. (4,6,5)
8   Woolly creature to rejoice in. (4)
9   Dukas and three loves bi-curious, or so the stories are read out to us. (10)
10   For example, Mozart 31, or Haydn 104. (7)
11   Blackberries carers removed and mixed into dog food. (6)
13   The beginning of which gives the Viennese an excuse for a concert. (4)
16   Monster therefore returns. (4)
18   Relative of short monarch. (3)
20   Tuning lost at the beginning is an irritation. (4)
22   Such as Luke, Matthew or Saëns… (5)
24   Swerve without direction – shaken up. (4)
25   One member is a little troublemaker. (3)
27   Creative, sounds like jazzman Shaw. (4)
28   Repeat sound heard in Strauss’s ‘opera within an opera’. (4)
32   A plebeian boy is oddly a rather pale chap. (6)
33   Instrument played by those about to graduate? (7)
35   Composer’s secretary collecting beer before cord cut short. (10)
36   A dwarf returns for end of work. (4)
37   Schubert’s am-dram version of Music Week orchestral favourite? (10,5)

1   Key university for barbershop. (4)
2   Artist confused emu with a French tunesmith. (6)
3   Means of interconnecting Strad OAP fiddled with. (8)
4   Knock out fifty in twenty-four hours to make composer’s name. (6)
5   Kijé’s carriage (6)
6   Captain Glenn swings and slides on one. (8)
7   Old BBC magazines for concert audience. (9)
12   Annoy Adams’ detective by decapitation. (3)
14   Everage sort of dame. (4)
15   Sounds like a goat slept in Stevenson’s creation. (9)
16   Pharaoh Motel contains German physicist. (3)
17   Find everyone individually in tea chest. (4)
19   Holly’s yuletide companion. (3)
21   Unruly mob claim that 4 employed in orchestral showpiece. (8)
23   Three Spanish go by, and break the law. (8)
26   Gibbons’ was silver. (3)
29   Thanks to him we have 37. (6)
30   Compel confused Verdi princess to put on weight. (6)
31   Subject of Sir Arthur’s symphony. (6)
34   German flower for family of musicians. (4)


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