Light Fantastic – Lambeth Wind Orchestra

The BBC Radio 3 ‘Light Fantastic’ festival of light music, with help from Making Music, offered amateur groups the opportunity to record pieces from their repertoire for broadcast during the festival. On 22nd June, Radio 3 presented this recording, made at Maida Vale Studios in May by the Lambeth Wind Orchestra conducted by John Holland, of Haydn Wood’s ‘Montmartre’, from his Paris Suite. If the other two works recorded are transmitted, they’ll also be posted here.

As with all the ‘Jukebox’ pages on this blog, you can listen (if using a suitable browser/device) by clicking on the ‘Play’ button below. If you can’t see a play button, try clicking on the name of the work and it may play. Otherwise, clicking on the name with the right-hand button and clicking on ‘save as’ allows you to save your own copy of the recording.

Haydn Wood – ‘Montmartre’ from the Paris Suite (Lambeth Wind Orchestra conducted by John Holland)


One response to “Light Fantastic – Lambeth Wind Orchestra

  1. andy b

    26 June 2011 at 10:47

    very tight and distinctive performance-what a good piece this is.


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