En route to Acton and Estonia

21 May

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while – it’s been a busy few weeks. I naively thought that when I moved my business to its new location, things would go quiet for a while – no such luck! Admittedly, it’s partly my own fault. I need to address two specific problems: firstly, I need to be able to divide my time between work and pleasure more equitably – it’s too easy to carry on working when you should be relaxing; secondly, I have to use my work time more efficiently – not a good idea going out to do deliveries and collections every day. I expect things will fall into a routine in due course…

Next week's work

Next week's work

Just started rehearsing for the opera at the Churchill next week. A bit of fancy foot (and arm) work by the percussionists means that pretty much everything is covered (we have timpanist + 2 – says we need timpanist + 6! Mind you, we’re doing all the on-stage side drumming from the pit). My only problem at the moment is a tubular bell – I don’t have a high E. I know two players with bell sets that might have a high E, but neither has got back to me yet – a long and boring trek over to Acton might be called for next week. Update at 23:55 – a bell has been located and transport arranged! Harrumble!*

And inbetween the sitzprobe and dress rehearsal, I have to squeeze in a choir trip to Tallinn. Still, better to be busy…

If you want to hear what the choir sounds like, go to

* Harrumble! an expression of delight. See ‘Bleak Expectations’ (or rather, hear it – series one and two on BBC Audio CD, and series three, recording in June for transmission on BBC Radio 4 later this year).

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One response to “En route to Acton and Estonia

  1. jojo

    29 May 2009 at 23:17

    hope everything went well. and Karin says ‘hi’.


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