No Scotty, but the Scotsman will do

06 May

I’m writing this on the train back to London after a pleasant break with my friends in Harrogate: I can’t really understand why anyone would willingly travel any other way. In an ideal world we’d beam from place to place like Star Trek characters, wasting no time at all, but given that the laws of physics do apply, any other method of transportation has an unacceptable amount of waste involved – whether it’s waste time or waste energy. Even in the days before on-board wi-fi and mobile phones, a train journey was always an opportunity either to relax and recharge one’s batteries or to do something useful before you arrived at your destination. Now I can catch up with my emails, check Facebook, listen on-line to the cricket commentary and, yes, even post a new blog entry. My only regret is that I’ve missed some of the fantastic views out of the window.

OK, when the train’s delayed or even cancelled it’s very frustrating, but you’re far more likely to be delayed by traffic whilst driving. Even when you are delayed, it doesn’t have to be bad: I recall returning from Scotland some years ago on the Flying Scotsman (no, not the steam locomotive – it was just the name of the 12 noon service from Edinburgh to London) when we ground to a halt near Northallerton; at the time, I was just starting lunch in the dining car. After a short while, the driver announced that there were cows on the line ahead, and we would have to wait until they had been rounded up and removed from the track. All I will say was that it was the most comfortable railway meal I can remember – not a drop was spilled, and we all got extra portions!


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3 responses to “No Scotty, but the Scotsman will do

  1. tom.....who else????

    8 May 2009 at 10:38

    David…I have never known you to waste ENERGY on anything [Harold did indicate that you would never have a heart attack]. Saying that you are young in the All about Me section is a Bald Statement from you… or was it Follically Disadvantaged? And as for cows on the line, it sounds like a load of old bullocks [feel free to substitute an early vowel in bullocks]. Extra Portions? Ahhhh! I’ll get myself in training for another bout at Reku-Zen!

  2. tom....

    20 May 2009 at 11:53

    Don’t mention Scotland at the moment… Ordure, ordure… Need a lot of toilet paper to clear this up. A letter in a broadsheet tells us that they use a page with pics of the MPs to line their cat’s litter tray – hohum… Enjoyed concert/nice to see your parents…

    • kingouf

      21 May 2009 at 14:01

      Ha! When I saw your comment, my first thought was not mentioning the Scottish CRICKET team for beating Kent in a Friends Provident match! Then I realised you were talking about our soon-to-be-ex Speaker! Glad you enjoyed the concert – thought the Strauss went very well!


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