The dreaded lurgy strikes again!

04 Apr

Another damned leg infection! It’s getting rather boring now. The doc said long-term antibiotics might be the next step  –  urghh! They always affect my sense of taste, and if you know me, dear reader, you know how important THAT is to me!

Still, the immediate problem is Sunday’s Verdi Requiem: will I be able to take part at all? And if I do take part, will I be able to stand when required? By pure coincidence, the chairman of the other choir taking part is also ‘walking wounded’, having just had a knee operation, so perhaps she and I will both have to sit throughout, like a king and queen! I wonder if we can arrange any thrones…? Seriously, I will have to be there, whether I sing or not – I have a special something for my choir… nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more…

A jolly good game of cricket last night. I generally prefer matches to be won by good bowling, rather than marvellous batting. Wielding the willow seems a rather egotistical activity, whereas chucking leather is much more of a team effort. Now, if we can just get some consistency going…

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Posted by on 4 April 2009 in Cricket, Music, My Life


One response to “The dreaded lurgy strikes again!

  1. tom shiels

    8 April 2009 at 09:43

    Ha Harr!….Leg infection …’tis time to have it off [ahem!!! At this point a good Long John Silver impersonation is needed: Robert Newton with lots of theatrical eye-rolling, and don’t forget the G&S Pirates of Penzance designer stubble – the part of the Pirate King is definitely meant for me, who else!!!] Do they do leg of anything at Reku-Zen? Har Har Matey!


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