Sexy Music

18 Mar

Chamber choir rehearsal tonight: we’re doing some lovely stuff. Our conductor made a comment whilst we were singing the Frank Martin Mass for Two Choirs about wanting it to sound sexy – incongruous, perhaps, for an ostensibly religious work but absolutely right. There’s one bar in the Sanctus which I find positively orgasmic (it’s bar 27, if you’re interested – pure coincidence that 27 is my favourite number).


Nattering a few nights ago in the chatroom I help run, I commented that the Biblical story of the creation seemed rather incomplete to me: it goes on about God making heaven and earth in six days and then resting on the sabbath, but doesn’t explain what he/she did when he/she went back to work after that. Quick as a flash, one of our antipodean members piped up: “dealing with the complaints”.

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Posted by on 18 March 2009 in Comedy, Music


One response to “Sexy Music

  1. Fliss

    8 April 2009 at 14:03

    You’re completely right. That Martin mass is pure sex – I love it. But then, I would..!


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